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Spring Sweatshirt Season 0

It is that time of year, Spring! Spring reminds me of floral, warmer weather, rain, and Summer coming. One must-have I indulge in year round is sweatshirts! And, Spring is the perfect time to have a Sweatshirt obsession. 

Even here in South Texas, when Spring comes around, we have a mix of cool to mild weather with LOTS of rain. Who doesn't love cuddling up in a cozy sweatshirt indoors when it's raining.

The best thing about Stylegirl sweatshirts is that not only are they seasonless but they're also super stylish. No drab styles here, thank you.

Check out some fun styles...

With tons of options, colors, and sizes, you just can't go wrong. Check out the full collection here:

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6 Clothing Hacks You'll Love 5

Have you ever wondered how you can make your favorite tee last longer or get the smell out of your jeans? Well, we've found 6 clever Clothing Hacks that you will fall in love with!

Ready for it?

Lets kick things off..

1.)  Use a salad spinner to dry hand-washed garments

2.) Depill clothing with a razor

3.) Cover bleach stains with a Sharpie

4.) Get rid of oil stains with baby powder overnight

5.) Spray hairspray on your stocking runs

6.) Shaving cream removes makeup stains

There you have it! Want even more hacks? Here are some of our favorite articles...

33 Clothing Hacks that will Save You a Lot of Money

25 Ingenious Clothing Hacks Everyone Should Know

What are your favorite hacks?

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5 Must Have Spring Wardrobe Staples 30

Spring is here and you know what that means? Time to update your wardrobe. Whenever a new season approaches, it's always fun to spruce up your wardrobe.  This doesn't mean revamp your entire closet. Just add a few key pieces to give a fresh feel to your current wardrobe.

This is great because it means you won't be breaking the bank doing Spring shopping. I am going to show you 5 MUST HAVE Spring wardrobe staples that your closet will thank you for!

Here we go:

5 Must Have Spring Wardrobe Staples

1. Solid blazer or cardigan

I keep this in my closet all season long. For Spring it's great because you'll keep warm (and stylish) during the winter to summer transition. Cool breezes and sunny days is what Spring is all about. Don't be afraid to pop in some color here with a bright blazer or fun cardi.

Here are some favorites:

2. Athleisure

Athletic + leisure. This means rockin your favorite pair of workout leggings while going grocery shopping, out to coffee, shopping,etc. I personally LOVE this trend and I was doing this way before it was "cool" haha. Check out these adorable workout leggings which are great for fitness workouts and lounge!

3. Spring floral dresses

Pretty dresses! One of my favorite things about Spring. Rock a bold floral print in a mini or maxi dress.

4. Maxi dresses

This trend is year long. For Spring, find yourself a gorgeous floral, print, or solid maxi dress. We love these ones pictured because of the bright, bold colors and gorgeous floral print.

5. Fun graphic tees

Graphic tees..nuff said.


There you have it! Some fun Spring additions you can revamp your closet with. What are your favorite Spring essentials?  

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Tank Tops: Seasonless Style 0

Hey friends, we're talking tank top fashion today! Tanks are a trendy classic that never go out of style. You can literally wear them year round, alone, with a blazer, under overalls, etc.

Here are some of our favorite tank looks:




Credit: Pinterest


Credit: The Fashion Tag


Credit: Pinterest

Have you got tank envy yet?

What about now?

Head over to our selection of tanks at and follow us on Instagram so you don't miss our weekly Sunday flash sale!

Til next time friend!

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Our blog is LIVE! 0

Welcome to the Stylegirl Boutique blog!

You're going to learn about the hottest fashion trends, upcoming sales, giveaways, contests, and so much more!

We will share new content each week to keep you up in the latest.


What's happening in the boutique this week?

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Sneak Peek...

This adorable Spring sun dress is a customer favorite. Check out our customer photos on Instagram!

What else?

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