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6 Clothing Hacks You'll Love


Have you ever wondered how you can make your favorite tee last longer or get the smell out of your jeans? Well, we've found 6 clever Clothing Hacks that you will fall in love with!

Ready for it?

Lets kick things off..

1.)  Use a salad spinner to dry hand-washed garments

2.) Depill clothing with a razor

3.) Cover bleach stains with a Sharpie

4.) Get rid of oil stains with baby powder overnight

5.) Spray hairspray on your stocking runs

6.) Shaving cream removes makeup stains

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What are your favorite hacks?

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  • Jenn Leach
Comments 5
  • Kristi

    Great ideas! Love the one about the sharpie – so smart and easy!

  • Dustin

    I had no idea shaving cream removed makeup stains. Good to know.

  • Sheena

    This is a very useful guide to clothing hacks. I have tried the removal of oil stains with powder one and it does work :-)

  • kristin mccarthy
    kristin mccarthy

    Some of these I have never heard of before…like the baby powder one!

  • Chloe Constance
    Chloe Constance

    Very useful thank you for sharing!!

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